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Saltyre Factory Village, UK

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ImageThe Saltair Factory Village is located in West Yorkshire and is a fairly well-preserved settlement of workers from local weaving mills from the late 19th century. It should be noted that due to the competent planning of the village, it is a work of architecture of the Victorian era. The entire village is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Saltyr was founded in 1851 by a large English wool producer Titus Salt on the Eyre River (the name of the founder and the name of this river formed the name of the city). In the context of active industrialization in Britain, it was an example of new and economically competent urban planning, taking into account the prospects for further growth of an industrial city. Salt was mayor of Bradford before the founding of the city of Salteira, and from there he brought textile production to the new settlement, which very soon developed into a large and well-known factory. It should be noted that at that time the factory workers lived in relatively good conditions: safe houses, there was even a water supply in some places, a school, a hospital, and also places for leisure were organized. The workers' houses were made of stone with slate roofs, an excellent example of 19th century architecture that has survived to this day. In the city, the Roberts park was organized, in which, in a rather vast green space, residents could go swimming, rowing, playing cricket, etc. Such good conditions contributed to both the growth of the urban population and the increase in life expectancy. Also Titus Salt tried in Saltyra to avoid the environmental problems that he had long struggled with in Bradford. The layout of the village has remained practically unchanged since its foundation, which allows today to perfectly imagine the life of that time and plunge into the atmosphere of the working-class city of one hundred and fifty years ago.

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