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Ujung Kulon in Indonesia, Bali resort

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Ujung Pendant is the first an Indonesian national park located on the island of Java, in its western part. In addition to Banten province in Java, Ujung Kulon also includes several islands of the Sunda Strait and the Krakatoa volcanic archipelago. The total area of Ujung Kulon is about 1200 km 2. Talking about national park, it is impossible not to mention a truly planetary scale disaster of 1883, when, as a result of a powerful eruption into the air a column of ash rose 30 km high, and most of the island of Krakatoa simply "Fell" into the ocean, causing a hydromagmatic explosion of unheard-of force. A stream of dust, gas and stones moving with great speed fell on Sumatra, as a result, about two thousand people died. The fallen ash covered an area of 4 million km 2, the air wave circled the Earth 11 times, and the total power of the explosion was approximately 200 megatons. Thirty meter tsunami washed away all living things on the neighboring islands of Krakatoa, destroyed about three hundred villages and cities in less than a day. Needless to say that after a terrible disaster, people in these places no longer settled.

Some parts modern national parks were declared protected at the beginning of the XX century, as the local flora and fauna quickly adapted to the new conditions and, in the absence of human influence, soon reached an extraordinary diversity. Today, most of the area of the park is listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, covered with virgin multi-tiered tropical forests, mangroves and swamps. A reminder of the eruption of Krakatoa was a new volcano that began to"grow" from under the water in 1927. Anak-Krakatoa that translated as"child of Krakatoa", today it is an active volcano with a height of 813 meters, is of great interest to scientists and continuously explored by them.

Ujung Kulon is known scientists from all over the world, as a place with a truly unique nature: 57 rare plant species, many of which are endemic, 72 species reptiles, 35 species of mammals and 240 species of birds. The most famous of protected animal is the endangered Javanese rhinoceros: the last on the planet 60 individuals live in Ujung Kulon, Javanese rhinos do not breed in captivity. Other extremely rare species are the Javanese tiger, banteng, flying fox, silver gibbon, langur, tarantula. Special attention deserve butterflies, whose wingspan reaches 20 cm, and the bright color strikes the imagination. The outer serenity of sandy beaches and lush green National park forest is deceiving: Indian cobras, mangrove snakes, reticulated pythons, crocodiles and monitor lizards - the waters are just a short list of animals that represent a threat to a gaping traveler. Going on an excursion to Ujung Pendant, you must remember about the scourge of these places - malaria and pass appropriate vaccination.

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