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Zoolandia in Finland, Turku resort

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Zoolandia is a zoo near the city of Turku, in the Lieto. Founded in 1984.

More than 200 animals live in Zooland, representatives of 70 various types of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles.

In 2004-2005, this zoo was home to an amazing the only one in the country, an elephant named Vanni. In 2005, she had say goodbye - the animal had no one to communicate with. Therefore, Vanni was gifted Nikolaev Zoo in Ukraine, on the recommendation of the curator of the European programs on African elephants by Mistlelia Terkel. However, after ten months after the move, the elephant died due to a neglected dental disease.

In Zooland, there are rides for children, slot machines, there is a hotel, a small restaurant and cafe, a souvenir shop.

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Topic: Zoolandia in Finland, Turku resort.Zoolandia in Finland, Turku resort

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