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Bristol Aquarium UK, Bristol Resort

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ImageBristol Aquarium is an aquarium in Bristol, opened in 2009 by Blue Reef Aquarium, which has a network of aquariums throughout the UK. The Bristol Aquarium gives visitors the opportunity to experience a picturesque and vibrant variety of marine life. A wide range of marine life can be seen here, from sharks and huge lobsters to miniature seahorses and colorful tropical fish. Among the inhabitants of the aquarium are stingrays, nautilus molluscs, giant octopus, poisonous frogs of South America, several species of waterfowl turtles. The best view is provided by the presence of an underwater tunnel, passing through which tourists can closely observe the inhabitants of the tropical reef. The aquarium has a stand-alone exposition dedicated to the marine fauna of the British Archipelago, which is no less colorful, interesting and mysterious than the fauna of the tropical seas. In addition, the Bristol Aquarium offers educational tours and training sessions for schoolchildren. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Bristol Aquarium UK, Bristol Resort.Bristol Aquarium UK, Bristol Resort

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