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Bristol Zoo, UK, Bristol Resort

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ImageBristol Zoo is the oldest non-capital zoo in the world. It was opened in 1836. The primary task that this zoo sets itself is the breeding of those species that are under threat of destruction, the preservation of rare species and the dissemination of knowledge about nature. Bristol Zoo dates back to the Victorian era. It occupies a rather small, by modern standards, territory, which is home to about 7000 representatives of more than 400 species of animals. Most of the buildings in the zoo are of historical and architectural value and are under state protection. Although almost all of these buildings are unsuitable for keeping animals. The zoo, which pays attention to rare and endangered species, is notable for the fact that for the first time in the UK were born black rhino cubs, for the first time in Europe in captivity, a baby chimpanzee was born and for the first time in the world - a baby squirrel monkey. The Bristol Zoo is also unique in that it was in it that the"Twilight Zone" was opened for the first time in the world, visiting which you can observe the life and activities of nocturnal animals. Today, the"Twilight Zone" has four sections: the rain forest, where the sloth, lori, possum, ah-ah live; desert, where you can get acquainted with the dune cat, mongoose and rattlesnakes; a cave where scorpions, blind fish and others live; a house with mice and rats awake at night. The zoo has a pond that is home to various waterfowl; a house for small monkeys and gorillas was built on the island in the middle of a pond. There is also an equipped terrarium where reptiles and amphibians are kept. The zoo, among other things, boasts an extensive collection of beetles, butterflies and other insects. There is also an aquarium with exotic fish. Bristol Zoo is active in social activities, collaborates with other zoos around the world, and takes part in international programs aimed at the conservation of rare animals. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Bristol Zoo, UK, Bristol Resort.Bristol Zoo, UK, Bristol Resort

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