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Blackpool Promenade and Piers, UK, Blackpool Resort

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ImageBlackpool's promenade and piers are what made Blackpool a popular resort in its day. At the end of the 18th century, it became very popular in Great Britain to relax on the mineral waters and sea coasts. Numerous seaside towns turned into resorts. This happened with Blackpool. Holidays on the seaside in the 19th century meant not lying on sun loungers, but walking along the coast. Therefore, the embankments are becoming the central streets of such seaside towns. In Blackpool, it is the Promenade and the piers - Central, North and South. The North Pier is, obviously, farther north than the rest, and is the oldest and longest. It was built in 1863. During the construction process, it was found that the planned height of the pier must be increased by one meter. Today, the pier reaches 15 meters above water level at low tide, and is 500 meters long. There is a tea room, cafe, carousel on the pier. Slot machines and other entertainment. The central pier was built in 1868. The North Pier offered entertainment for the aristocrats. And the Central was designed for a simpler audience: there were dance floors, roller-skating grounds, a dock for pleasure boats. In 1990, a Ferris wheel was installed on the Central Pier, for which the central part of the pier was significantly strengthened. The South Pier was built and opened in 1893 and was called Victoria Pier until 1930. It is much shorter than other piers, but much wider. This is due to the fact that this pier is designed for a larger number of entertainment pavilions and shops. These days, this pier is mainly home to a variety of attractions. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Blackpool Promenade and Piers, UK, Blackpool Resort.Blackpool Promenade and Piers, UK, Blackpool Resort

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