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Old Town Hall in Germany, Potsdam spa

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Old Town Hall – landmark of Potsdam, which always attracts the attention of city guests due to its unusual and very bright appearance. The building was built by the architect Johann Bowmann in 1753 - 1755. Interestingly, the architect used the sketches of the Palladio Palace two centuries ago.

The Old Town Hall was built in a mixture of Baroque and Classicism styles. On the facade of the building you can see decorations in the form of Corinthian columns. The building is crowned and distinguished from others by an observation deck with a gilded dome, from which a beautiful view of the city opens. The dome also has a copper statue of Atlanta, holding the firmament on his shoulders. This sculpture was originally made of lead, but collapsed in 1776 and was replaced by a copper one.
The building of the town hall at different times was used both for office and representative purposes, and for a prison. In 1966, a passage was created that united the town hall and the neighboring Knobelsdorf house into one architectural complex. Today galleries, restaurants and a theater are located here, and the building itself has rightly come to be considered one of the symbols of Potsdam.


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Topic: Old Town Hall in Germany, Potsdam spa.Old Town Hall in Germany, Potsdam spa

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