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Old church in Petajavesi village in Finland

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ImageThe old church in the village of Petajavesi is an old wooden church built in 1763-1764. not far from the town of Petyavesi. Since 1994, the church has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as an example of traditional Scandinavian church architecture. Elements of the Renaissance, Gothic style and early Finnish wooden architecture coexist organically in the appearance of the church. The residents of Petyavesi had to travel a very long way to get to the nearest church in Jamsa. Therefore, it was decided to build its own chapel in the city. The place of construction was chosen - the isthmus between the Jamsanvesi and Petyavesi lakes. In summer, the church could be reached by boat, in winter - on foot or on skis on the ice. The church was designed and built in 1763-1764. In 1821, a bell tower was built in the western part of the church, connected to the volume of the church by a narrow corridor. In the eastern part there is a sacristy, also connected by a corridor. In plan, the church is a cruciform building. It is likely that it was modeled on the stone church in Stockholm, built in 1656. The old church in the village of Petajavesi is of great importance as a representative of the architecture of the northern part of the country. The appearance and layout of the church was certainly influenced by European architectural trends. However, they have been expertly synthesized with local traditions. The walls of the church were not originally planked, this happened much later. The volume of the church is covered with a high, vaulted slightly angular roof made of red pine boards. An octagonal dome rises above the intersection of the vaults. There is a decorative element in the upper part of the dome - there are slats and beams painted in red ocher in a circle. Over the years, the interior has hardly changed. The characteristic features of the church are the pulpits, benches, galleries and chandeliers, decorated with amazing intricate carvings. All these decorative elements were created by the hands of local craftsmen and craftsmen. The exterior of the church is characterized by a pitched roof, which refers to the Gothic architecture. The door and window openings are decorated with triple arches, which have been preserved since the construction of the church. The bell tower attracts attention because, unlike the whole church, it is painted in different colors. Not far from the church there is a cemetery surrounded by a stone wall. In 1929, the church was restored due to the threat of collapse. Today the church is an attractive attraction in the area. In the summer, services are held there. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Old church in Petajavesi village in Finland.Old church in Petajavesi village in Finland

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