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Senate Square in Finland, Helsinki resort

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Senate Square is a square in the center of Helsinki, its "Visiting card" and one of the most beautiful and attractive for tourists places. This is a unique architectural ensemble, one of the most picturesque in Europe.

The square was built after Finland joined Russian Empire in the style of late classicism. Above Senate Square the Lutheran Cathedral rises, another symbol of the city. In height together with the dome, it reaches about 62 years. The cathedral was originally called Nikolaevsky, was dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the defender of seafarers and patron of Emperor Nicholas I. On his construction took 22 years. By order of Nicholas II, the roof of the cathedral was decorated with sculptures of the twelve apostles.

In the very center of the square, on a granite pedestal, rises bronze monument to Alexander II, created in 1894. Finns love Alexander II, because it was with him that autonomy came to Finland, which in Europe there was no time yet. Also, Alexander II introduced the Finnish mark, made Finnish is the official language.

On the east side of the Senate Square there is a building Council of State, built specifically for the Imperial Senate Finland and gave the name to the square. The oldest city clock. Today the Finnish government is sitting in the Senate building. Public access to the building is closed.
In autumn 2012 in the area of the Senate Square, archaeological work was carried out, in as a result of which numerous graves were discovered, about 260 in total, which belong to the XVII-XVIII centuries. Then on the site of the square there was a church Saint Eleanor.  

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Topic: Senate Square in Finland, Helsinki resort.Senate Square in Finland, Helsinki resort

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