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Goa Lava in Indonesia, Bali resort

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Goa Lava, also known as the Bat Cave, is probably the most controversial attraction not only in Bali, but throughout Indonesia. Goa Lava is located in the Kandy Das area, right on the coast and is an extensive network of caves and tunnels extending into the mountains for about 30 km. Since time immemorial, Goa Lava has been a sacred and extremely mysterious place: it is believed that somewhere in the depths of the cave there is a portal connecting the Earth with the world of spirits.

Goa Lava received its second name because of the huge number of bats , who many centuries ago chose the caves as their home. It is because of the accumulation of these animals that Goa Lava has become so popular with tourists, however, the average excursion does not last long, exactly until some excessively noisy visitor scares a bat. after which the whole flock with a deafening squeak and noise flies away, plunging the frightened tourists to death. Another situation can often be observed. The curious, looking up to the vault of the cave, suddenly find there a scene from a horror movie brought to life - a swarming carpet of creatures with webbed wings and sharp ears - and try to get out of Goa Love as soon as possible and erase from memory the memories of, frankly, a rather unpleasant picture.

Interestingly, the bats inhabiting the cave are actually quite harmless, peaceful and fearful animals, feeding exclusively on fruits. In local legends, bats are always mentioned with exceptional respect, since, as some believe, they are descendants of the great dragon Bazooka, who lived in Goa Lava. Dragon Bazooka, by the way, also did not differ in particular ferocity, but they saw him for the last time at the beginning of the 20th century: then the Dutch decided to dispel what they thought were funny superstitions and went to the cave. Nobody knows exactly what happened to Goa Love, but when they returned, the soldiers said that they had found Bazooka and even wounded them, after which the angry residents drove them out of the village in shame. The Great Dragon has not been seen since then, but the Dutch also mysteriously disappeared on the way to the camp.

Next to the Bat Cave is a small temple, built around the 11th century and still in use today. The temple is open to the public and is, despite its modest decoration, one of the nine most revered in all of Indonesia. The monks living on the territory of the temple conduct religious rituals and services, feed the bats and strictly monitor,

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Topic: Goa Lava in Indonesia, Bali resort.Goa Lava in Indonesia, Bali resort

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