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Victoria and Albert Museum UK, London Resort

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The Victoria and Albert Museum is the world's largest museum of design and decorative arts, located in London, South Kensington. It was founded in 1852. Today this museum is the 14th most visited museum among all art museums in the world.

In 1851, the World Exhibition was held in London, after which the museum was founded. The exhibition was very successful, part of the proceeds from it went to the creation of the museum. The museum was originally created under the Department of Practical Arts along with the School of Design. In 1853 the museum was given the name"Museum of Decorative Arts", and in 1857 the exhibition was moved to South Kensington. The museum was greatly supported by the husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Consort Albert. Very quickly, an extensive collection of modern and ancient examples of decorative and applied art was collected. Queen Victoria helped build the museum's new central building in 1899, which was soon renamed in honor of the royal couple.

The Victoria and Albert Museum displays over a hundred paintings, dozens of famous sculptures, medieval objects, a collection of textiles, earthenware, a theatrical collection and other valuable exhibits. A branch of this museum is the Childhood Museum in London. Its expositions include children's toys, doll clothes, furniture, various games, and other objects related to childhood, from the 16th century to the present day.

The Victoria and Albert Museum has a lot of various exhibitions, for example, on the first floor of the museum there is a huge hall with high walls and a glass ceiling, which houses a collection of plaster copies of antique and Renaissance sculptures, the ruins of Greek and Roman castles, very fashionable in the second half of the 18th century. In this room you can feel yourself on the real ruins of an ancient civilization.

The British Galleries on the second and fourth floors of the museum display objects of decorative and applied art from the Tudor era to the Victorian times. Here you can see models of royal villas, tapestries, mirrors, books, dishes, a music salon, a large showcase with teapots, showcases with wooden dolls in human hair wigs and luxuriant clothes, and other extraordinary things. There are items that have survived in a single copy, for example,

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