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Royal Crescent in the UK, Bath

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ImageThe Royal Crescent is one of the main streets of the British city of Bath. It is a residential street with a length of thirty houses, organized in the shape of a crescent. The street was designed and built in 1767-1774. by architect John Wood Jr. It is an example of Georgian architecture and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Celebrities have lived on the Royal Crescent Street for over a century. In this regard, the interiors of houses were constantly changing, but the facades remained almost intact. Today, this street houses a museum and a hotel, and several buildings house offices and residential apartments. Initially, this complex of buildings was called simply"Crescent", and the sign of"Royal" appeared at the end of the 18th century, when Frederick, Duke of York, lived in 1 and 16 houses. The architect created the curved facades of thirty three-story houses with Ionic columns on a rusticated basement. There are 114 columns in total, each of them reaches 76 centimeters in diameter and 14.5 meters in height. Everyone who bought a square on the Royal Crescent hired their own architect and decorated a certain part of the facade to their liking. In this regard, the back side of the facades is very heterogeneous, while the front part of the facades is uniform and complete. This way of organizing the appearance of houses is a typical feature of the architecture of Bath. Today, the houses in the Royal Crescent are owned by different owners, most are privately owned, but a significant part is also owned by the housing association. House 1 houses a museum run by the Bath Conservation Trust. The expositions of this museum demonstrate how sophisticated and rich the decoration of houses belonging to the rich and famous could be. Since 1950, a hotel has been located in house 16. In 1971 it was merged with the neighboring house and was named the Royal Crescent Hotel. ImageImageImageImage

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