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Tate Modern in the UK, London resort

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Tate Modern is a gallery of contemporary art, part of the Tate group of galleries. It houses a collection of works of world art from 1900 to the present day. It is the fourth most visited museum in the world. The gallery was opened in 2000 in the building of the former Bankside Power Station on south bank of the River Thames. Additional premises designed for 1.8 million visitors per year. But already in the first year more than 4 million people visited the gallery.

Since 2013, the museum has a youth art program National Youth Visual Arts Network. It is designed for four years and its main goal is to involve 80 thousand young people in the world of contemporary art people between the ages of 15 and 25.
Constant the exposition of the gallery presents to the attention of visitors the work of modern authors. They are collected not according to traditional principles, not according to chronology, but according to subject. There are several expositions in total:"Real Gestures" demonstrate painting and sculpture 1945-1960,"Poetics and Dreams" - surrealism,"Idea and Object"- minimalism, States of Flux - such trends as cubism, futurism and workuism, and conceptual models. Within the walls of the museum you can see not only paintings by Picasso, Kandinsky and Dali, but also all kinds of fantastic installations from metal, cardboard, felt, plastic and other materials. Most the large hall at the Tate Modern is the Turbine Hall. Here regularly amazing art projects are arranged, for example, an artificial sun, strewn the entire area of the hall with sunflower seeds made of porcelain and etc. There are many interactive services in the gallery: multimedia projects, films, media projects. In addition, you can create your own painting here. On the the sixth floor of the gallery is a restaurant with a picturesque view of the city and St. Paul's Cathedral. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Tate Modern in the UK, London resort.Tate Modern in the UK, London resort

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