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Feldherrnhalle in Germany, Munich resort

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Feldherrnhalle – an open hall with arched arcades, erected in 1841-1844   Friedrich von Gertner on the orders of Ludwig I. Monuments to the Bavarian commanders Count Tilly and Prince Wrede, made by Ferdinand von Miller from bronze, have been erected here. In addition, there is a monument to the Bavarian army and stone lions on the main staircase.

Feldherrnhalle was modeled on the Lanzi loggia in Florence and was intended to form a harmonious transition from the old part of Munich to the new one.

Adolf Hitler planned to hold his Beer Putsch here in 1923, which was stopped by the Bavarian police. However, after the Nazis came to power, the loggia became the focus of their attention: a memorial plaque was installed on the eastern wall, on which the names of the victims were carved. The SS guard of honor guarded the wall, and everyone passing by was obliged to salute. Some townspeople bypassed Feldherrnhalle through the nearby streets. The plaque was removed in 1945 by US troops.


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Topic: Feldherrnhalle in Germany, Munich resort.Feldherrnhalle in Germany, Munich resort

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