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Blenduk Protestant Church in Indonesia, Java Resort

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The Blenduk Protestant Church is located in Indonesia, on Java island, in the historical part of the city of Semarang. The real name of the temple is GPIBImmanuel, which is proved by the inscription above the entrance, however, due to a completely atypical Catholic temples with a hexagonal roof church soon after steel construction call"mblenduk", which means"dome" in the local dialect. After some time"mblenduk" turned into"blenduk", and under this name the church entered history, and at the same time in the whole tourist guides and guidebooks.

The Blenduk Temple was built in 1753 by the Dutch and is distinguished by an unusual architectural solution. Church building made of single-layer brick, has eight corners and is covered with an octagonal copper a dome supported by 32 steel beams. On the second floor level, on both sides of the monumental Roman-style portico, there are two turrets, also crowned with small domes that were not originally included in the project of the temple and added in the 19th century. The interiors of Blenduk are no less interesting: special attention deserve antique stained-glass windows, as well as skillful engraving, which, in addition to artistic value, has historical significance, as it contains the names of all the priests who have served in the church since her grounds. Inexhaustible interest among scientists and artists around the world is benches and lectern, made of teak wood and have come down to us in original form. Perhaps the main attraction of the temple is a huge baroque organ, which itself is a work of art. TO Unfortunately, the tool has been out of work for a long time and cannot be restored.

The Blenduk Temple is operational. Services are held every Sunday.

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Topic: Blenduk Protestant Church in Indonesia, Java Resort.Blenduk Protestant Church in Indonesia, Java Resort

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