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Agung Demak Mosque in Indonesia, Java Resort

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Agung Demak Mosque, also known as the Demak Cathedral The mosque is located on the Indonesian island of Java, in the center of Demak, which was once the administrative center of the powerful Demak sultanate. Accurate no one knows the date of the construction of the mosque, according to scientists, Agung Demak was erected in the second half of the 15th century during the reign of Sultan Raden Pata - the ruler the first Islamic state on the island of Java.

Agung Demak is one of the few surviving examples a mosque built in Javanese architectural style: fully built made of wood, a roof that looks like a traditional Javanese Buddhist temple"Meru", supported by four teak pillars. The most an interesting part of Agung Demak is the front wall, richly decorated carvings and beautiful white and blue porcelain tiles, which, as believed to have been stolen from Sultan Majapahit - the head of the eponymous kingdom, which has long been a competitor to Demak. Special attention deserves an entrance to the temple - two massive wooden doors on which are carved patterns in the form of flowers and monsters with bared mouths. The mosque has many extremely valuable artifacts, in addition, in the surrounding area the remains of the rulers of the Demak family rest, which is the reason for its popularity among tourists, as well as researchers and scientists.

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Topic: Agung Demak Mosque in Indonesia, Java Resort.Agung Demak Mosque in Indonesia, Java Resort

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