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Elk in Finland, Helsinki resort

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Elk is a sculpture by Jussi Mantunen, created in 1924 and installed in the city of Vyborg in 1928.

The author created a monument based on an image from the Kalevala epic. The sculpture of a forest giant is made in bronze and placed on a granite pedestal. Today"Elk" is considered one of the best monuments of park sculpture in Vyborg.

The elk figure is created in full size, and its power and strength is increased due to the optical effect: the sculpture's three-layer pedestal, which is a natural natural hill, a granite block of the pedestal itself and a bronze step.

After the Soviet-Finnish war, the city of Vyborg passed to the territories of the USSR, finding itself outside Finland. Local residents moved to the city of Lahti, where a copy sculpture was installed in 1955. Furthermore, copyright copies of the Vyborg elk were later installed in the cities of Turku and Helsinki. Similar sculptures exist in other cities in Finland and Russia.

In Finnish cities, the May Day holiday and some student holidays are associated with the moose monument. The image of the sculpture by Jussi Mantunen is considered a symbol of the city and is often found on souvenirs, both Vyborg and Finnish. It is believed that having arrived in Vyborg, you need to touch the hooves of an elk - this brings good luck and health.

It should be noted that part of the sculpture was created with funds raised thanks to an ancient tradition that existed in the city until the middle of the 20th century: wealthy residents of the city donated money to the treasury to decorate Vyborg. This fragment of the monument has been preserved to this day.

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