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German Technical Museum in Austria, Berlin Spa

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German Technical Museum – technical museum located in Berlin. Opened in 1983, one year after its foundation. The current name of the museum was given in 1996. The museum's expositions are annually visited by about 600 thousand people.

The museum houses a model of the calculator Z1, an exposition dedicated to Konrad Zuse, the creator of a complex programming language and the first computer. There are 12 of his cars, Planckulkuhl language designs and his paintings.

Sugar Museum – museum, part of the German Technical Museum, dedicated to the history of sugar, production, technology of its production. The museum was opened in May 1904 simultaneously with the Institute of the Sugar Industry.

Supervised the construction of the museum, which lasted from 1901 to 1903, Anton Adams. The entrance to the museum is via a portal in an asymmetrical four-story tower, reaching a height of 33 meters. The tower is crowned with a sundial. Exhibition area – 450 sq. m.

The museum has permanent exhibitions: Sugarcane (history of the production and origin of sugarcane), Slavery (participation of slaves in the production of sugar for Europeans), Sugar production (information about sugar beet) , 'No alcohol without sugar' (the exposition tells about the fact that sugar is the main component in the manufacture of alcohol), Colonial sugar (demonstration of drawings depicting sugar production in colonies),

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Topic: German Technical Museum in Austria, Berlin Spa.German Technical Museum in Austria, Berlin Spa

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