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Jewish Museum in Austria, Berlin spa

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Jewish Museum – a museum in Berlin dedicated to German-Jewish history, the relationship between the two nations. The museum, opened in 2001, houses permanent and temporary exhibitions, a large archive, research buildings and the Raphael Roth training center.

The idea for a new Jewish museum was announced in 1971 , during the celebration of the three hundredth anniversary of the Jewish community in Berlin during the   exhibitions dedicated to the event.

However, for several years, thematic exhibitions and events have been held within the walls of the Museum of Berlin. In 1988, it became necessary to increase the exhibition space for the expositions of the Jewish department of the museum. A competition was announced for the expansion project, which was won by Daniel Libeskind. The construction of the museum building according to his project was completed in 1999. The building of the museum, opened for inspection two years before the opening of the museum itself, immediately became popular with the townspeople.

The Jewish Museum consists of two buildings: the old Baroque Collegienhaus and a new building in the form zigzag by Daniel Libeskind in the style of deconstructivism. They are connected by an underground floor.
Libeskind tried to recreate the atmosphere of hardship and hardship experienced by the Jewish people: the floor of the museum is strongly inclined, which unbalances visitors. Here, in this broken building, is the Tower of the Holocaust, a small empty space bounded by black walls and with a small gap at the very top, and the Garden of Exile. whose stelae are filled with the soil of Berlin, and one of them is – land brought from Israel.

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Topic: Jewish Museum in Austria, Berlin spa.Jewish Museum in Austria, Berlin spa

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