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Martin's Cathedral in Finland, Turku resort

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Martin's Cathedral is a Lutheran church in the Finnish city of Turku, built in 1933 and named after a theologian and church reformer Martin Luther. Located off the east coast of the Aurajoki River, in district Martti and is one of the important cultural monuments in Finland.

Martin Luther's Lutheran Parish was founded in Turku in 1921. The new parish was immediately puzzled by the construction of its own temple. A decade later, in 1933, a solemn consecration took place church dedicated to the 450th anniversary of Martin Luther. Soon the temple was given a second name -"Martti".

The building of the Cathedral of Martin in the transitional style (from the north classicism of the 20s of the XX century to functionalism) was developed architects Gunnar Valrus and Totti Sora. A characteristic feature of the appearance of the cathedral minimalism of both external and internal decoration is. Altar image crucified Jesus Christ was created by artists from Turku Karl Ingelius and Einari Vehmas. Wall painting"A secco" 15 meters high and about 9.5 meters long, has long been the largest altarpiece in the countries northern Europe.

Topic: Martin's Cathedral in Finland, Turku resort.Martin's Cathedral in Finland, Turku resort

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