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Lake Toba in Indonesia, Sumatra resort

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Lake Toba is located in the central part of the island Sumatra, in the giant caldera of the eponymous volcano. Toba height above level sea reaches 900 meters, length - 100 km, and width - 30 km, distance from surface to the bottom in the deepest place - 505 meters. Toba is the deepest and the largest of the volcanic lakes not only in Indonesia, but in the whole world. Near 77 thousand years ago, on the place where Toba is now, a monstrous strength of a volcanic eruption, estimated by modern scientists at least eight points and recognized as the strongest on Earth in the last 25 million years old. The cataclysm caused global climate changes: temperatures in low latitudes as a result of"volcanic winter" dropped to 5 ° C, and in low to 3 ° C, in addition, according to some sources, the eruption led to a sharp reduction in the number of people on Earth and the disappearance whole species of animals.

Mild climate and stunning beauty of the Toba nature every year attract many ecotourism fans to the lake. Swimming, boating and catamarans, hiking in the surrounding forests are the most common types pastime on the lake. Tourist infrastructure is under development, therefore the prices are very democratic, you can stop, for example, in the coastal town of Prapat or on the island of Samosir, located right in the middle Toba. As an excursion program, visits to the villages are offered Bataks - an ancient Indonesian people who, according to rumors, were once cannibals, however, abandoned their"bad habits", turning to Christianity. Today Bataks live as they did many years ago, their main occupations, not counting the sale of souvenirs to tourists, are agriculture, cattle breeding and fishing.

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Topic: Lake Toba in Indonesia, Sumatra resort.Lake Toba in Indonesia, Sumatra resort

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