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Kensington Gardens UK, London Resort

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If you believe the magical stories of James Barry, it was in Kensington Gardens that negligent nannies lost their wards, who then fell into the fabulous land of Peter Pan. This is reminiscent of the sculpture in the southern part of the park depicting this hero.

Now you will not get lost in Kensington Gardens - this is a rather popular place in the central part of the city. The gardens gained fame after William III moved to the Kensington country palace at the end of the 17th century. Under him, the Dutch gardens of over 10 hectares became an independent territory, separated from Hyde Park. The king hired architects who immediately began work on the palace and garden. In the 18th century, the royal gardens of Kensington became available to the general public.

The entrance to the park is opened by the picturesque Kings Arms Gate. From here, you can go along the Digital Alley and the Broad Alley, examining the outlandish tulip trees, lindens and maples. While walking in the park, it is worth looking at the recessed garden, laid out at the beginning of the 20th century. It contains several ponds with beautiful water lilies and blooming flower beds. There is a greenhouse not far from the sunken garden. Enjoy a cup of tea in the pleasant surroundings of antique busts, orange bushes and floral decorations.

In the gardens, tourists will come across sculptures depicting Prince William of Orange, Queen Victoria. Also, attention is drawn to the statue called"Physical Power".

One of the attractions of the park is a round pond. It is home to swans and seagulls. Vacationers often showcase their boat models here, and the area next to the pond is used to launch kites. Not far from the round pond are the 19th century Italian Gardens and Lake Long Water with its picturesque fountains and balustrades. On the north side of the park you can find the Italian Pavilion and a beautiful structure called Buck Hill Lodge. In Italian gardens, among other things, it is interesting to look at a group of beautiful stone vases.

Facing the lake is the Queen's Temple, designed by William Kent. The famous Serpentine art gallery is nearby. And behind it is the Prince Albert Memorial, dedicated to the deceased cousin of Queen Victoria. The memorial, erected in the 19th century, is decorated with sculptures that symbolize the four continents. Its jewelry also includes precious stones and rhinestone.

Finish your tour of Kensington Gardens with one of the city's most well-groomed flower alleys. It stretches for almost half a kilometer and consists of magnificent flower combinations: levkoy,   tulips, camellias and pansies.

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