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Fountain of fairy tales in Germany, Berlin health resort

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Fountain of fairy tales – an unusual fountain located in the Friedrichshain National Park. It is an architectural monument protected by the state. The idea to create a fountain of fairy tales was put forward by the architect Ludwig Hofmann, who spent about four years only on project development and planning. Three more sculptors worked on the sketches at Hofmann: Josef Rauch, Ignatius Taschner, Georg Vrba.

The main work on the construction of the fountain lasted six years. So, the opening took place in June 1913.

The architectural ensemble covers an area of 90 meters by 172 meters. The central part of the composition is made in the neo-baroque style. Its dimensions – 34 meters by 54 meters.

The main part – swimming pool, built in the form of four flat steps arranged in a cascade, on which there are one large and nine small fountains. Seven figures of frogs are sitting on them, one of them is the Frog Princess. The sculptures in this section are made of shell rock. On the east side, the cascade of steps is closed by an arcade in a semicircle photo. In the arcade – nine openings with stone bowls decorated with dog heads. On top of the arcade there are sculptures of various animals – heroes of fairy tales. The Dolphin Fountain is located a short distance from the arcade. Around the circumference of the fountain there are sculptural compositions depicting children riding on dolphins.

For the Fountain of fairy tales, the heroes of Grimm's fairy tales were chosen, first of all: Puss in Boots, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Red Cap, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and some heroes of medieval legends.

After the Second World War, the sculptures disappeared. They were discovered only in 1950. Their condition left much to be desired. Since then, the fountain has been closed many times for restoration work.


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Topic: Fountain of fairy tales in Germany, Berlin health resort.Fountain of fairy tales in Germany, Berlin health resort

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