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The old town of Rauma in Finland

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ImageThe old town of Rauma is a whole historic wooden town, the largest in Northern Europe. Rauma is located in the Satakunta region in western Finland. The city was founded in 1442 and is the third oldest city in the country. It is famous for its ancient lace-making tradition, its wooden Old Town and its characteristic dialect that is unique to the locals. The old part of Rauma is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is the largest such wooden town that has survived in Northern Europe, which has survived almost in its original form. The city covers an area of 28 hectares, where there are about 600 buildings and structures, most of them are privately owned. Many buildings are built in the neo-Renaissance style. At the moment 600 people live in the Old Town. A walk through the beautiful Old Town brings you into the atmosphere of a long forgotten past. Cobbled streets, colorful houses, carved gates create a fabulous atmosphere. In this distinctive unique place, business and social life is in full swing all year round. The focus of business life is the Market Square. The square is surrounded by about 200 craft, lace and jewelry workshops, where folk craftsmen work today. Also in this part of the city there are many unusual shops. Restaurants and cafes. All shops are a couple of steps from each other, so shopping is very easy and enjoyable. In souvenir shops you can buy handicrafts and everything you need to decorate your home. The main summer event in the Old Town is Lace Week. Lace making originated in the city of Rauma in the 1740s. This holiday is held annually at the end of July. As part of the Lace Week, initially only specialized exhibitions were held, where the craftsmen shared their experience and demonstrated their work. Over time, the Lace Week has become a good tradition and the main event of the summer. During the days of the holiday, the Old Town is filled with music, aromas of traditional dishes, and various performances. But all the celebrations are undoubtedly dedicated to lace. The most anticipated event of the Lace Week is the Black Lace Night. All the shops and shops in the old town are open much longer than usual, dance floors are opening everywhere, street musicians are playing. The old town of Rauma is a truly fabulous, atmospheric and unusual place. A visit to such a place will charge you with positive emotions for a long time and leave an indelible impression. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: The old town of Rauma in Finland.The old town of Rauma in Finland

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