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Rheinturm in Germany, Dusseldorf resort

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The Rheinturm is a broadcast and television tower and the tallest structure in the city of Dusseldorf. The tower is 240.5 meters high. Nowadays, the tower is used as an observation deck, as well as for placing DVB-T antennas, analog television, VHF radio services. The tower is located in a park on the banks of the Rhine River near the Old Town.

The first television tower in the city was erected in the Gerresheim district in 1960-1961. The TV tower reached 75 meters in height. However, soon in connection with the increase in the number of radio and television stations, the problem of placing new antennas arose. Inconvenience was also caused by the distance of the TV tower from the TV center.

In 1977, the authorities announced a competition for the best design of the city TV tower. Architect Harald Deilmann won the competition.

In January 1979, construction began on the tower. First, a platform was built, then a bowl-shaped concrete"basket", which over time was raised in steps, with the help of a jack, after lifting a concrete cylinder was poured under it. The inner cylinder was constructed in a similar manner. The Rheinturm tower is the only TV tower in the world built on a similar principle. Four lifts and a staircase were built in the inner cylinder.

In 1981, the glazing of the “basket” was completed. Inside, there were technical rooms, a revolving restaurant and an observation deck.

At the “leg” of the tower, lamps were installed, divided into decimal groups, today they are used to determine the current time. Horst Bauman became the author of the project of this watch. The clock was included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest clock in the world.

About 300 thousand tourists visit the tower annually.

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Topic: Rheinturm in Germany, Dusseldorf resort.Rheinturm in Germany, Dusseldorf resort

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