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Cathedral in the Square of Miracles in Italy, Pisa resort

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Pisa Cathedral, located in Piazza dei Miraculi, is the Cathedral of Pisa, and part of the architectural ensemble.

Construction of the cathedral began in 1063. The author of the project was the architect Buscheto di Giovanni Giudice. The cathedral was built with money received by the city as a tribute collected from the Balearic Islands. According to the project, the cathedral was supposed to combine elements of various architectural styles – Lombard, Byzantine and Islamic. The resulting style is now known as the Pisa Romanesque style.

In 1118, the cathedral was consecrated by Pope Gelasius II. In the 12th century, the architect Rainaldo designed the facade of the cathedral. The facade was created by a team of sculptors led by Biduino and Guillelmo.

The appearance of the cathedral was also influenced by the reconstruction work carried out at various times. The first reconstruction took place at the end of the 16th century after a massive fire in 1595, which destroyed three bronze portals dating from the 11th century. Over time, the portals were replaced by doors created by Giambologna's workshop. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the interior of the cathedral was significantly changed.

Initially, the building had the shape of a Greek cross, at the intersection of the crossbeams of which a dome was built. Later the cathedral was rebuilt in the form of a Latin cross. Due to the alternation of black and white marble, and the use of arches inside the cathedral creates the effect of a large space. The two colonnades in the naves, made of black granite, are a clear sign of Byzantine influence.

The facade of the building was made of gray marble. It consists of four galleries decorated with columns, in the corners of which there are statues of four evangelists.

The interior of the cathedral is decorated with black and white marble, the dome is covered with frescoes and the ceiling is gilded. The fresco of the dome is the work of Riminaldi.

The Pisa Cathedral, along with other structures of the architectural ensemble of the Plaza of Miracles, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Topic: Cathedral in the Square of Miracles in Italy, Pisa resort.Cathedral in the Square of Miracles in Italy, Pisa resort

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