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Opera del Duomo Museum in Italy, Pisa resort

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The Opera del Duomo Museum is located next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in the Plaza of Miracles. The museum was founded in the 89th year of the XX century and today it houses a variety of works of art of prime importance, which were originally located in the Pisa Baptistery and Pisa Cathedral.

The building that houses the museum today, dated to the XII century. Initially, the building served as the residence of the canons of the Pisa Cathedral. Over time, two brick buildings were added to the building. From the south-eastern part you can see a part of the original building, where the vault painted with frescoes has been preserved.

In the 17th century, the building was given over to the diocesan seminary, at the same time, a facade with two symmetrical portals lined with light stone was added to it from the southern part.

In the 18th century, the building was acquired by a collector, and later it housed the Pisa Academy of Fine Arts.

In the 19th century, the building was occupied by monks, who made several modifications to the architecture that distorted its original appearance. During the recent renovation works, the building has acquired its original appearance.

Among the exhibits in the museum, the works of Giovanni Pisano and Tino di Camaino, which were allocated two halls of the museum, are especially interesting. The figure of the Mother of God and the Child also deserves special attention. made of ivory in 1300 by Giovanni for the altarpiece of the Pisa Cathedral. Also of interest are the bronze doors of the cathedral, exhibited in one of the halls of the museum, by Bonanno Pisano.

The Hall of Treasures is also worth a visit, in which many relics of the XVII – XVIII centuries, as well as medieval relics that survived after a fire in the temple. In addition, the museum contains many frescoes and paintings of the XV – 17th century, a collection of church parchments and elements of wooden intarsia, which previously adorned the apse of the cathedral. Also of interest are various artifacts of ancient Roman, Etruscan and ancient Egyptian civilizations.

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Topic: Opera del Duomo Museum in Italy, Pisa resort.Opera del Duomo Museum in Italy, Pisa resort

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