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Aquarium of Genoa in Italy, Genoa resort

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Aquarium in Genoa is the largest in Italy, and also a member of the European Association of Aquariums and Zoos. The aquarium is located at the Ponta Spinola promontory in the old harbor of the city. The total area of the Aquarium is 3   100 m 2.

The Aquarium was built for the International Exhibition, which was organized in honor of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus – the most famous native of the city. At that time, Genoa's Aquarium was the second largest in the world.

The project was designed by the architect Renzo Piano. The interior decoration was done by Peter Scharmayeff, who was also involved in the preparation of the initial exhibitions. To increase the exhibition space, in 1998 a ship was attached to the complex, which was connected to the main building by a covered walkway.

The initial concept of the complex was to acquaint the viewer with the underwater world of the Ligurian Sea, Atlantic and Caribbean reefs.

Today the Aquarium houses 70 reservoirs, where you can observe an incredible variety of fish, invertebrates and reptiles. The most popular are the aquariums with dolphins, turtles, sharks and seals.


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Topic: Aquarium of Genoa in Italy, Genoa resort.Aquarium of Genoa in Italy, Genoa resort

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