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Palazzo Bellomo Museum in Italy, Sicily resort

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The Palazzo Bellomo Museum is located in the historic center of Syracuse, on the island of Ortigia. The museum was opened in 1948, but it was finally completed only in the 1970s.

Two sarcophagi of the owners of the Chamber Reginale deserve special attention in the museum (a fiefdom inherited by the Sicilian queens ). The sarcophagi belong to Giovanni Cardenas and Giovanni Cabastila.

The Pinakothek of the museum contains the painting"Annunciation" by Antonio da Messina in 1474.

Palazzo Bellomo itself is a magnificent palace built in the XIII – XIV centuries. The building was constructed in two stages. The first stage was carried out during the reign of the Zvev clan. A massive ground floor with a Gothic portal was built at that time. In the XIV century, the second floor was built, which is significantly different from the first. In 1365, the Bellomo family took possession of the palace.

In 1722, monks from the San Benedetto monastery purchased the palace and converted it into a dormitory and storage rooms. In 1866, an expropriation law was passed, after which the palace returned to its original functions. In 1901, the Palace housed the Fine Arts Administration. In the same period, the first restoration work was carried out.

In 1948 it was decided to adapt the palazzo as a museum.


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Topic: Palazzo Bellomo Museum in Italy, Sicily resort.Palazzo Bellomo Museum in Italy, Sicily resort

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