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Artist's House (Hundertwasser House) in Austria, Vienna spa

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In the second half of the 20th century, the Vienna city government commissioned the world famous artist F. Hundertwasser, who criticized the traditional communal style, to build a residential building.

The main idea of all F. Hundertwasser's projects were natural, environmentally friendly, unlike everything around. In his opinion, people should not live in boxes, their lives should be filled with comfort and as close to nature as possible.

Ф. Hundertwasser, together with his friends in 1983-1985, built an unusual house, which today attracts a lot of tourists.

The Artist's House is uneven, colored, with trees and bushes on the roof, even the windows are not alike one to the other. This unique building contains 4 offices, 52 residential apartments, 3 communal and 16 private terraces.

The sidewalk around the house is made in the form of hills so that you can feel the natural relief of the planet while walking. Trees and shrubs grow not only on the roof, but also along the walls, from the windows of apartments. In general, there are more than 250 shrubs and trees in the whole house.

After the completion of the construction of the house, F. Hundertwasser did not take money for his work, since for him the best reward was that the city became one" ugly"(traditional) house is smaller.    

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Topic: Artist's House (Hundertwasser House) in Austria, Vienna spa.Artist's House (Hundertwasser House) in Austria, Vienna spa

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