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Old synagogue in Germany, Essen spa

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The Old Synagogue is one of the most interesting sights in Essen. Currently, the building of the former Jewish community houses a museum.

The synagogue was built in 1913. As a result of a fire in 1938, the building was completely burnt out. Surprisingly, during the Second World War, the synagogue was practically not damaged.

After the war, the Jews who settled in the city offered to use the synagogue for `` cultural purposes ''. It was decided to erect a memorial here in memory of the Nazi persecution of Jews. However, these plans never materialized. The city government bought the building from the Jewish community and turned it into an industrial design museum. To implement this project, reconstruction work was carried out, during which the ornamental painting and mosaics were painted over, and the place where the Torah was kept was simply demolished. A low suspended ceiling was also hung from the dome. Twenty years later, as a result of a massive fire, all the treasures of the industry were completely destroyed.

In 1980, the building housed the Political History Forum and Meeting Center. In 1983, a certain association with Judaism was returned to the interior of the building. In 1986-1988, restoration work was carried out on the interior, during which the dome was reopened.

Today, there is an exhibition inside the building that tells about the persecution of Jews during the Third Reich.

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Topic: Old synagogue in Germany, Essen spa.Old synagogue in Germany, Essen spa

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