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Choral synagogue description and photo - Ukraine: Kharkiv

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Choral synagogue description and photo - Ukraine: Kharkov

Choral synagogue description and photos - Ukraine: Kharkiv. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

The Choral Synagogue is one of the largest in Ukraine. This is a unique architectural monument of the city of Kharkov. It is located on Pushkinskaya Street. The synagogue building was erected in 1914 using different styles of architecture. The author of the synagogue project was the St. Petersburg architect Ya. G. Gevirts, and the Kharkiv architect M. Piskunov was in charge of the construction.

In 1867-1910. on the site of the current synagogue building there was a prayer house in a classic mansion. The competition for the design of the new synagogue was held by the Imperial St. Petersburg Society of Architects, in which the first prize was awarded to arch. Ya.G. Gevirts.

In 1917, after the revolution, all its valuables were removed from the synagogue, and in 1923 it was closed at the request of “Jewish workers”. As a result, the “Jewish Workers' Club im. Of the Third International ”, and since 1941 a children's cinema has been opened in the building. In 1945 the activity of the Jewish community resumed in the synagogue, but in 1949 it was closed again. Since then, until the fall of 1991, the building housed the Spartak Voluntary Sports Society. During the Soviet period, the city was home to 50,000 Jews, but it was a troubling time for religious people and prayer meetings were held in secret basements.

The building of the synagogue was transferred to the Jewish community of the city in 1990. At the same time, a rabbi from Israel was specially invited and cultural events were again held in the house. The main institutions were also created: a Jewish school, a library, a summer camp, a kindergarten, a mikvah.
In 1992-1995. due to the conflict between the reformist community and the Hasidim, the synagogue came under the leadership of the Hasidim. In 1998 the building was damaged by a fire and required reconstruction and repair.

The Choral Synagogue was renovated and opened in 2003. This cultural monument is the only Judaist temple in the city that has survived to this day.

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Topic: Choral synagogue description and photo - Ukraine: Kharkiv.Choral synagogue description and photo - Ukraine: Kharkiv

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