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Saint Honorat Island in France, Cannes resort

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Saint Honorat Island – island located a mile from the city of Cannes. It is small: one and a half kilometers long,   the width of the island reaches 400 meters. The island was uninhabited until the 5th century, when Saint Honorat founded a monastery there in 410. Legend has it that Honorat built a house, wanting to live as a hermit, but his disciples, among whom was Saint Caprasius, followed him. As a result, by 427 a huge monastic complex arose here.

The monastery supplied the diocese of Arles with bishops, they say that the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, studied here in the 5th century.

The quiet life of the monastery was disrupted for several centuries by the attacks of the Saracens.

In 1635 the Spaniards captured the island, all the monks were expelled. They returned two years later, when the island was returned by the French. Nevertheless, the monastery was attacked by the Genoese and Spaniards.

After the revolution, the island was sold to a wealthy actress Mademoiselle de Senval, who lived here for 20 years, and in 1859 the island was bought by Bishop Frejus, who recreated a religious commune.

Today 30 Cistercian monks live in the monastery. Here you can see several chapels built by monks, fragments of furnaces for casting cannonballs for the Napoleonic army.

During the Middle Ages, the monastery was a place of pilgrimage. This was facilitated by the work of Raymond Ferraud, who described the mythological existence of Honorat.

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Topic: Saint Honorat Island in France, Cannes resort.Saint Honorat Island in France, Cannes resort

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