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Charlemagne Chapel in Germany, Aachen spa

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The Palace Chapel in Aachen is the only surviving relatively intact fragment of the Aachen Palace. The chapel is also a unique architectural monument during the reign of Charlemagne, who was later buried here. The coronation of the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire took place in the chapel for many centuries.

The construction of the imperial palace was started by Charles the First in 792. In 805, the consecration of the palace church in the name of the Virgin Mary took place. This octahedral building, symmetrical in plan, was crowned with a dome. In architecture, the motives of early Byzantine and late antique architecture were broken. The project was developed by a certain Odon from Metz.

The decoration and the columns are separate, delivered from Rome and Ravenna to decorate the chapel. The dome frescoes were eventually filled with mosaics. The only surviving piece of decoration from those ancient times is the throne of Charles, decorated with marble inlay.


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Topic: Charlemagne Chapel in Germany, Aachen spa.Charlemagne Chapel in Germany, Aachen spa

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