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Palazzo Bianco in Italy, Genoa resort

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Palazzo Bianco or the White Palace is one of the main buildings in the historic center of Genoa. The castle is located on Via Garibaldi and, together with the nearby palaces of Doria Tursi and Rosso, is part of the 'museum cluster'. Today the building houses an art gallery.

The palace was built in 1530-1540 for Luca Grimaldi, who was a member of one of the most powerful families in the city. In 1658, the De Franchi family took possession of the palace. In 1711, the castle was inherited by Frederico De Franchi, who gave it to his main creditor, Maria Durazzo Brignole-Sale. In 1714-1716, a number of reconstruction works were carried out in the palace, during which the building acquired its present appearance. The castle got its name from the color of the facade decorations. The following restoration work in the palace was carried out at the end of the Second World War.

Maria Brignole-Sala bequeathed the palace to the townspeople in 1889, thus predetermining its transformation into a gallery.

Nowadays in the gallery of the palace are the works of painters XII – XVII centuries. Art XIII – The 16th century is represented by the works of Louis Brea, Barnaba da Modern and Luca Cambiaso. The paintings by Filippino Lippi and Paolo Veronese deserve special attention. Flemish and Dutch painters XVI – XVIII centuries are represented by Van Dyck and Rubens. The gallery also contains ancient frescoes and sculptures.

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Topic: Palazzo Bianco in Italy, Genoa resort.Palazzo Bianco in Italy, Genoa resort

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