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The Way of Saint James in France

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The world-famous pilgrimage route – The Way of St. James is associated primarily with the name of the Spanish shrine. Namely -   the grave of the Apostle James, which is located in the small Spanish town of Santiago de Compostela.

The Path covers almost all major shrines, temples, cathedrals and monasteries of Western Europe

This route is connected with France primarily by the presence of many transshipment points, but it is here that the most important segment of the pilgrimage route begins.

In the south of the country, at the very the border with Spain, branched routes merge into almost a single line of roads, highways, and even cycle paths, leading to the tomb of the Apostle.

On the way to the shrine there are many stops, each of which is associated with a particular temple. In France, the Path connects all relatively large temples.  


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Topic: The Way of Saint James in France.The Way of Saint James in France

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