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Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria

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The Kunsthaus is a museum of contemporary art. In 2003, Graz was recognized as the cultural capital of Europe, and it was decided to build a new museum of contemporary art for this significant day. So, by 2003, according to the project of British architects Colin Fournier and Tom Cook, an unusual museum building appeared, which today has become a favorite landmark of the city and a monument of Austrian architecture.

The Kunsthaus was built in the blob style and contrasts sharply with surrounding buildings. Externally, the museum building resembles a drop-shaped amoeba. The base of the building is made of reinforced concrete, the outside is covered with bluish plastic panels. Locals call this museum 'friendly alien'.

The facade of the building is a large screen consisting of luminous elements that are programmed with a computer (media installation). Through this latest technology, the museum communicates with the outside world.

Today the museum does not have its own collection and repositories. It mainly hosts exhibitions dedicated to modernist and avant-garde trends in art.


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Topic: Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria.Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria

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