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Styrian Museum Ioanneum in Austria, Graz spa

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Styrian Museum Ioanneum is one of the oldest museums with the largest collection in Austria. It was founded in 1811 by Archduke Johann Baptist. The Archduke was fond of the latest achievements of technology and science, patronized advanced technologies and at that time was one of the first defenders of the ecological balance.

All expositions of the museum are divided into new and old exhibitions, which are located in several different buildings.   Many buildings were already built in our time, among them there are quite unusual ones that bear the imprint of the late Renaissance, but at the same time they were made in the traditions of the urban style with a slight twist of the avant-garde.

The old part of the collection houses masterpieces of great artists such as Tintoretto, Cranach, Bruegel and others. The main part of the exposition was donated to the museum by patrons of art, as well as some works of art that were placed here when they were in the personal collection of Johann Baptist. In addition, the administration of the museum independently purchased exhibits to replenish the collection.

The new exposition is represented by modern exhibitions of sculptures, graphics, art galleries. Most of the works of art in the new exhibition date from the 19th-20th centuries.


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Topic: Styrian Museum Ioanneum in Austria, Graz spa.Styrian Museum Ioanneum in Austria, Graz spa

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