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Austrian Film Museum in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Cinematography Museum was established in 1964. The main task of the museum is to increase and preserve significant cinematographic collections, as well as education in the field of cinematography.

Today the museum collection includes more than 25,500 films. They cover the period from the late 19th century to modern times, as well as virtually all types and genres of cinema, from science films to classic feature films, trailers and commercials. The most significant collections of the museum are 4 special collections:
· Films of Soviet Russia, which were made in 1918-1945 years.
· An international legacy of independent, avant-garde films.
· International creativity of emigrants from Eastern and Central Europe.
· Independent cinema in Austria since 1950.
Since January 2005, the famous director Martin Scorsese has become the president of the museum.

The museum creates retrospectives of films of different nations and times and constantly holds film screenings.

The equipment of the museum has been completely renewed since 2002. Now it is possible to reproduce films of all formats in the cinema halls of the museum.

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Topic: Austrian Film Museum in Austria, Vienna spa.Austrian Film Museum in Austria, Vienna spa

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