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Botanical Garden of Catania in Italy, Sicily resort

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The Botanical Garden of the city of Catania is geographically 16   000 m 2. The garden is run by the city University.

The first attempts to create a botanical garden were made in 1847 – specifically for this, a land plot was acquired on the outskirts of the city. However, a year later, the revolution began, and the garden was forgotten for a while. They returned to the creation of the garden only in 1858. The garden was founded by Francesco Roccaforte Tornabene, who also collected a collection of succulents.

The first plants brought from the botanical gardens of France, Palermo, Sweden and Naples were planted in 1862. Two years later, the territory of the garden was significantly enlarged, because a special area was needed for the cultivation of typical Sicilian species.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Botanical Garden 'Nuova Hussonea' was created on the slopes of Etna, where today exclusively mountain plants are grown.

During the Second World War, the botanical garden was seriously damaged, and in 1958 the Tepidarium greenhouse was demolished there. Later, the greenhouse was completely restored.

Currently, the garden is divided into two sections: Ortus Siculus territorially occupies 3   000 m 2, where Sicilian plant species are grown, and Ortus Generalis occupies 13   000 m 2, exotic plants are grown here.

Ortus Siculus consists of rectangular flower beds – the plants are planted here according to the classification.


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Topic: Botanical Garden of Catania in Italy, Sicily resort.Botanical Garden of Catania in Italy, Sicily resort

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