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City of Le Havre in France

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A port city and a French commune of the same name in northern France.

The city's population is small for a large port, however, Le Havre is a powerful economic center of the country.

Le Havre – a city that can be called reborn. The port of the late Middle Ages, built in the 16th century area, stood exactly until the Second World War. German planes literally wiped the city off the face of the earth, and after the war it had to be rebuilt.

Andre Perret was the chief architect of New Le Havre. The goal was the only one – to provide housing for hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged people in the shortest possible time, while preserving the aesthetic features of a European city. Perret coped with this task excellently. On the one hand, the city is homogeneous in terms of the number of modern buildings, but on the other hand, each new quarter is built in the same way as the houses in medieval Le Havre once stood. The award to the brilliant architect was the inclusion of the city in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The main attraction of the city is the Church of Saint-Joseph – a unique structure, more reminiscent of an American skyscraper than a temple. Remains of the local abbey and several 17th century buildings have also survived.


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