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Supramonte in Italy, Sardinia resort

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Supramonte is a vast area of rolling hills and mountains located in the eastern and central parts of the island of Sardinia. The total area of Supramonte is 35   000 hectares. It contains the communes of Urzulei, Orgosolo, Baunei, Oliena and Dorgaglia – all settlements are located on the borders of mountainous terrain, and the territory itself is largely uninhabited, covered with deep canyons, steep cliffs and lush vegetation. The highest point of Supramonte is the peak of Monte Corrazi, which reaches a height of 1463 meters.

The territory is mainly dominated by karst highlands, in which deep canyons and gorges have been laid by rivers. Today, most of the Supramonte rivers flow underground, forming majestic caves – Su Bento, Grotta del Blue Marino, Sa Oque, Grotta di Ispinigoli.

Other places of interest in Supramonte are the Donanigoro Plain, Monte Novo San Giovanni Massif, Gorroppu Gorge and the Sous Sercone sinkhole.

Within the communes of Baunei and Dorgaglia lies Supramonte Marino, famous for its excellent beaches, Cala Mariolu, Cala Luna, Cala Goloritz and Cala Sisine.

In ancient times, this area was more densely populated, as evidenced by the ruins of 76 settlements, 14 dolmens, 17 sacred springs, 46 Nuragi, 40 'tombs of giants' found here. and three megalithic structures.


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Topic: Supramonte in Italy, Sardinia resort.Supramonte in Italy, Sardinia resort

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