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Resort park description and photos - Crimea: Saki

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Resort park description and photos - Crimea: Saki

Resort park description and photos - Crimea: Saki. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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The Saki resort park, located on Kurortnaya Street, is rightfully considered the pride of the city of Saki, its "visiting card". Everyone who gets here is instantly transported to a kind of "oasis", surprisingly diverse, interesting and colorful. It’s hard to believe that even at the end of the twentieth century, this very place was a dry steppe. Work on the creation of the Saki Park began in the fall of 1890. In a couple of years, on an area of 7 hectares, despite limited funding, a charming park has risen, which is one of the most interesting sights of Crimea.

Due to the uniqueness of the project (and this was an experiment, after all, such parks was not in the steppe) paid great attention to the selection of tree and shrub species, which could take root in the specific conditions of the Western Crimea. Today the park has about 1200 trees, most of which have already crossed the 50-year mark. There are also long-livers here - about 150 trees have been delighting visitors for more than 100 years.

The park has a unique collection of trees and shrubs that represent the flora of many continents. More than eighty species of various plants, both familiar to us (such as oak, birch, maple) and exotic (Japanese Sophora, Gleditsia, Spanish gorse, etc.) came here from Asia, Europe and North America.

Walking in the park, you can look into the local history museum, located opposite an artificial hill, on top of which there is a "Greek" pavilion - a park structure typical of the 19th-20th centuries. The hill was created by the creation of a small pond located nearby. This pond is a kind of center, from which paths and alleys run in different directions. If you walk along one of them, you can find an inconspicuous memorial sign - it was here that the first artesian well was drilled long ago.

The artificial hill is also interesting because unusually high (up to 20 meters) grow around it the trees are zelkova. The name is not accidental. It comes from Georgian words like `` dzeli '' (log) and `` kva '' (a rock). Zelkva is also called a "stone log", as its wood is several times stronger than oak and boxwood. No wonder in the Caucasus, where this unusual tree comes from, it is used in construction, turning, shipbuilding.

Every plant presented in Saki Park is unique in its own way and worthy of a separate story. Therefore, by visiting it, you will not only enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the park, but also learn a lot of new and interesting things.

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