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Saint Florent in France, Corsica resort

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Saint Florent is a small town on the island of Corsica, located on the shores of the bay of the same name. The town has grown around the Genoese citadel since 1440. Until the 18th century, the city was the seat of the Genoese governor and Bishop Nebbio.

The city is not very famous, but, nevertheless, it is interesting for tourists. Here you can stroll through the ruins of the medieval Chateau Nebbio and look into the Cathedral of St. Florent, now renamed the Church of St. Mary of Assunta. The building is made in Lombardy-Romanesque style.

There is an observation deck with excellent views of the surroundings.

St. Florent's Cathedral

Cathedral of St. Florent, located in the town of the same name in Corsica, today renamed the Church of St. Mary. The cathedral is ranked   to the national monuments of France. The original appearance of the cathedral has not survived; it has undergone too many reconstructions and has absorbed elements of architecture and culture from different eras. The exact date of the foundation of the cathedral is not known; it is approximately determined within two decades from 1125. The cathedral was first mentioned in written sources in 1176: it was entered in the register of a Cartesian monastery.

Since the 5th century, the Nebbio region was ruled by Christian bishops, and the Bishop Nebbio lived here until 1801 ... In the Middle Ages, the coast was not well guarded; the swamps surrounding the hills on which the cathedral stands spread the malaria epidemic throughout the area. The clergy left the cathedral. But at the beginning of the 16th century, Agostino Gustiniani, then Bishop of Nebbio, began the restoration of the cathedral. The restoration was completed by 1576, but, nevertheless, the cathedral was abandoned again. In 1611, next to the cathedral, Monsignor Ruscone built a new bishop's palace. In 1748 the palace and cathedral were occupied by the Genoese troops. The cathedral has been under state protection since 1840, and in 1875 it officially became a national monument.

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