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Schlossberg Castle in Austria, Graz resort

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Schlossberg Castle is located on a high hill on the outskirts of the old town.

The castle was built in 1125. Until 1809, they tried to capture it many times, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Only Napoleon's troops captured it and partially destroyed it. From that moment on, the castle was no longer completely restored and only the remains of the fortification have survived to our times. But, despite this, tourists tend to get to this place, because here you can walk in a beautiful park, visit the clock tower, cafes, museum located on the territory of the castle.

You can get to the castle in three ways:
Walking - it takes about 30 minutes to walk on a zigzag staircase.
On a funicular that has been in operation since 1894.
Take the elevator, which in a matter of minutes you can get to the top of the mountain where the castle is located.

One of the most popular attractions of the castle is the clock tower, built in 1265, which was restored in 1569. She is interesting in that initially her watch had only one hand, indicating the hour. Later, a second hand appeared on the watch to show the minutes. It is noteworthy that the hand indicating the hours is longer and thicker than the hand indicating the minutes. A magnificent view of the city and its environs opens from the tower and from the nearby bell tower.

There is also a military museum on the territory of the castle today, where several ancient cannons and other weapons are displayed. There is also an open-air theater where performances are held in the summer. In addition, you should pay attention to the unusual entrance gates, made in the Gothic style, a beautiful Chinese pavilion and underground catacombs equipped with exhibition halls.
There is a small souvenir shop and several cozy cafes on the territory of Schlossberg Castle.

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Topic: Schlossberg Castle in Austria, Graz resort.Schlossberg Castle in Austria, Graz resort

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