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Mash Lake in Germany, Hanover resort

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Lake Mash, adjacent to the old part of Hanover, is an artificial lake formed on the site of a swamp.

During the Weimar Republic, the first attempts were made the creation of the lake, however, they were unsuccessful. Subsequently, the initiative was taken up by the Nazis for ideological purposes. Thus, the authorities planned to kill three birds with one stone - create a recreation area, create jobs and mitigate the effects of the Leine River floods.

The creation of the lake began in 1934. Initially, about 100 people took part in the work, but soon their number exceeded 1   500 people. Due to the need, the workers were forced to accept poor working conditions as well as low wages.

The works on the arrangement of the lake were completed two years later. The grand opening took place in May 1936. Later, the shores of the lake were decorated with numerous sculptures representing the ideas of the brown movement.

Of particular note are the Lion's Bastion, by Arno Brecker, Man and Woman, by Geogra Kelbe, and; Torchbearer & raquo; and The Boy on the Fish, by Hermann Schoernstuhl, and The Diver, by an unknown author.

In 1940, authorities, trying to disguise the lake from bomb attacks, hid it under a landscape of bushes and trees. However, their attempts were in vain. During the entire war, over a hundred bombs hit the lake.

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Topic: Mash Lake in Germany, Hanover resort.Mash Lake in Germany, Hanover resort

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