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Dubai Fountain in the UAE, Dubai resort

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The Dubai Fountain is a musical fountain, one of the tallest and largest fountains in the world. It is located next to the Burj Khalifa skyscraper on an artificial lake. The fountain project was developed by the well-known company WET Design.

The fountain consists of 5 circles of different sizes and two central arches. The fountain is illuminated by twenty-five colored spotlights and 6600 lanterns. The fountain simultaneously throws out 83 thousand liters of water, at different heights, and the maximum height is 150 meters. The jets of water thrown into the air seem to dance to the accompaniment of classical and modern Arabic music, and the play of light adds to the splendor of this spectacle.      

Figures that form water jets, very varied and have many combinations.  

The mechanism by which the fountain creates beautiful images consists of numerous high pressure water cannons and so-called"arrows"."Arrows" are divided into several types: simple"arrows","super arrows" (pushing water to a height of 75 meters), and"emergency arrows" (pushing water to a height of 150 meters).

" Super Arrows"and" Emergency Arrows"are the least used in every view, as it takes a long time to prepare and a lot of energy to reach the right pressure to" fire".

The Musical Fountain is a grand show consisting of the play of light and the dance of water to music. This show is shown every day, several times during the evening. One show lasts about 20 minutes.

This unique fountain was launched in 2009.


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Topic: Dubai Fountain in the UAE, Dubai resort.Dubai Fountain in the UAE, Dubai resort

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