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Fortress Hohensalzburg in Austria, Salzburg resort

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The Hohensalzburg fortress was built in 1077 by Archbishop Gebhart. It is one of the oldest and fully preserved structures of this type in Central Europe. Gebhart chose the picturesque top of Festungsberg for the construction of the castle. The fortress was originally built in the Romanesque style, but in the following centuries it was rebuilt several times. So wooden structures were replaced by solid stone walls. The archbishops of Salzburg took refuge in the Hohensalzburg fortress during wars and uprisings. Throughout its existence, the castle has withstood several sieges. But during the Napoleonic war, it was surrendered to the enemy without hostilities.

The fortress was closest to its modern appearance in the 16th century, during the leadership of Archbishop Leonard von Keutschach. It was at that time that cozy chambers with luxurious furnishings and decoration appeared in the defensive structure. But the castle continued to evolve in subsequent centuries.

In the 19th century, the fortress   Hohensalzburg hosted military barracks, and in the 20th century it turned into a prison for prisoners of war from Italy and the Nazis.

Currently, the total area of the castle is about 30 thousand square meters. Here you can see the Princely Chambers of the Middle Ages, the Golden Hall and the Fortress Museum. In addition, by visiting the fortress, you can get acquainted with a huge collection of weapons and ancient instruments for torture.  

On the territory of the fortress there is Nonnberg Abbey - this is a convent, which was founded by Saint Rupert. Its first abbess was Saint Erentrudis, the sister of Saint Rupert. Nonnberg   is the oldest active nunnery in German-speaking countries. Nonnberg Abbey at one time played an important role in the history of Salzburg. After the founding of the abbey in 714, the future city of Salzburg began to form around it. Today, only the monastery church is open to tourists.

In general, the castle is open to visitors all year round, and in the summer time artists from all over the world gather here to hold the International Summer Academy. You can climb the castle either on foot or by cable car.


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Topic: Fortress Hohensalzburg in Austria, Salzburg resort.Fortress Hohensalzburg in Austria, Salzburg resort

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