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Petite France in France, Strasbourg resort

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Little France – a quarter of Strasbourg, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of an old French city.

All houses located here are made in the same architectural style, which gives the quarter even more charm and charm.

Center of Little France – this is the small square of Benjamin Zix. As ironic as it sounds, there was no romance and charm in this place before. On this square there was a hospital where syphilis was treated since the 16th century. The once dirty alleys around the hospital were packed with the sick, beggars and criminals. Now it is a quiet place filled with tourists.

Several streets lead from the central square of the quarter. The Street of Healing Ablutions today is a street lined with small shops and cafes, where the atmosphere itself leads away from the modern bustle of the big city to the quiet times of the refined century.

Kozhevnikov Street ends with a spacious mansion, which here they call the House of Tanners. Now it does not produce leather, the mansion has long become a place of gathering of tourists, and the hung animal skins have long been replaced with flower pots. Depending on the season, a certain color scheme of plants is displayed here. Photographing at the House of Tanners has become so popular that there are literally live queues here.

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Topic: Petite France in France, Strasbourg resort.Petite France in France, Strasbourg resort

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