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Minorite Church in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Minorite Church is located in the center of Vienna. It is one of the first Gothic churches in Austria.

The church was founded in 1275 by Ottokar Premysl. Great changes took place already during the reign of the first Habsburgs. Rudolph III's wife Blanche Valois commissioned a church to be built in honor of her grandfather. In 1328, the construction of the chapel was completed. The chapel was not connected to the church and had a separate entrance. In 1340 the church was expanded and the chapel was merged with the temple. The church is built according to the French scheme, which is rare in Austria.

The church looks more like a palace than a typical church. It has remained unchanged for several centuries. Only the towers of the church were damaged during various wars, but they were restored.

Great changes took place in 1782 during the religious policy of Joseph II - the minorities were evicted. The Minorite Church was declared the Italian national church and consecrated in honor of Maria Snezhnaya (which is still relevant). When the Minorites moved to Wimpassing, they   they took the cross with the icon of Christ, which hung over the altar. Therefore, when the cross returned to Vienna after a few decades, they began to call it the Wimpassing cross. In the 19th century, a mosaic copy of the Last Vespers, created by Leonardo da Vinci, was installed in the temple.

The last changes took place in 1900, or rather, with the construction of the tabernacles.

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Topic: Minorite Church in Austria, Vienna spa.Minorite Church in Austria, Vienna spa

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